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Worker attaching thistle emblem to Deltic locomotive, 9 March 1964.
Thistle emblem attached to front of Deltic locomotive, 9 March 1964.
'This is the Flying Scotchman, Great Northern Railway, c 1890-1891.
View from the cab of the 'Flying Scotsman', June 1965.
Flying Scotsman' No 4472, Hatton, 20 April 1963.
Flying Scotsman at Shildon works, County Durham, 1975.
Strikebreakers with an engineer's train, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, May 1926.
'Robert the Devil' steam locomotive, c 1930.
The Flying Scotsman', LNER poster, 1923-1947.
LNER 'Silver King', c 1938.
LNER 'Silver King', c 1938.
Flying Scotsman-driver & loco - 1962
Plane passengers talk to railway passengers while both speed at 90m.p.h. March 1932
Foreman's hut at King's Cross station yard, 1 September 1950.
Driver and fireman, 1934.
Railway exhibition at Ilford showing exhibits and spectators, 2 June 1934.
Table in a LNER dining car, c 1930s.
Tank engine at Doncaster works, 1903.
Four locomotives at King's Cross station, London, c 1930.
North Eastern Railway first class dining car interior, 1909.
'North Berwick', LNER poster, 1923-1947.
Railway photographer Bishop Eric Treacy, c 1970s.
'Edinburgh-London in Six Hours', BR (ScR) poster, 1963.
'Edinburgh: Mons Meg', LNER poster, c 1935.
The Flying Scotsman, Non-stop each Weekday, by Frank Henry Mason, about 1950
'Northumberland', NER poster, c 1920s.
Flying Scotsman-Train - 1962
Flying Scotsman-platform - 1962
'Caerphilly Castle' locomotive in transit to the Science Museum, London, 1963.
Railway exhibition at Ilford, 1934.
'Royal Lancer' LNER 4-6-2 steam locomotive, c 1930.
Welwyn North Tunnel, 1959.
Sir Nigel Gresley with railwaymen beside locomotive No 10,000, 1930.
flying machine
flying machine
flying machine