Andre Jacques Garnerin, French aeronaut, 1802.
Alcock and Brown's Vickers Vimy biplane, 1919.
Charles Green, English aeronaut, 1839.
Plan of the Crystal Palace and grounds, Sydenham, 1911.
BOAC Concorde, London Heathrow Airport, 1968.
The planet Jupiter, Voyager 1979.
'Cockatoo', bird in flight, c 1872-1885.
The first balloon ascent with animals, 19 September 1783.
The 'Spirit of St Louis' in flight, 1927.
Cody aeroplane No1, portrait view of engine and controls, 1908.
Great Red Spot on Jupiter, 1979.
Blanchard and Jeffries crosing the English Channel, 1785.
Amy Johnson, British aviator, c 1930s.
Io, one of the moons of Jupiter, showing a volcanic eruption on the rim, 1979.
Close up of the Red Spot on Jupiter, photographed by  Voyager 2, 1979.
Bleriot crosing the Channel, 25 July 1909.
The rings of Jupiter, photographed by Voyager 2, 1979.
Full Page of illustrations of bats.
Beetles and other insects, South America, 1775-1781.
'Tour de Calais'; the ascent of De Rozier's 'Royal Balloon', 15 June 1785.
Mrs Sage's balloon, 1785."
Detail from a painting of 'Mrs Sage', first lady balloonist., c 1785.
Miranda as seen by Voyager 2
Schoolboys with a model of a seaplane, Schoolboys' Exhibition, December 1933.
Boats on a miniature lake, Gamages Department Store, London, 1920s.
Wings For Victory
Spitfire, c 1942.
"Aerial Navigation, Liebig trade card, c 1910."
"Two British airships, Liebig trade card, c 1910-1920."
"Three French airships, Liebig trade card, c 1910. "
'Children Playing', about 1895