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'Ascent of the 19th September, 1783 at Versailles'.
Alberto Santos-Dumont, Brazilian aviator, 1905.
Night ballooning, Paris, 1870.
Anti-nuclear protest, USAAF Burtonwood, Merseyside, c 1984.
'Nadar's Giant Balloon at Paris', 1863-1867.
Cody aeroplane No1, Antoinette engine being fitted, 1908.
Close up of the cloud patterns of Jupiter, 1979.
'The Montgolfier - A First Rate of the French aerial Navy', 1783.
Cody aeroplane No1, 1908.
Close up view of the surface of Io, one of the moons of Jupiter, 1979.
Callisto, one of the moons of Jupiter, 1979.
Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons, 1979.
Cody aeroplane No1A whilst being converted to the 1B, 1908.
Various implements from the Society Islands, 1822-1825.
Charles Green, English aeronaut, c 1830s.
Charles Stanhope, English politican and scientist, c 1800.
Souvenir commemorating Alcock and Brown's transatlantic flight, 1919.
'The aerial Steam Carriage' , 1843.
Close up of the clouds of Jupiter, Voyager 1979.
'Gossamer Albatross', 1979.
Leonardo da Vinci, Italian artist and inventor, c 1500.
Alcock and Brown's Vickers Vimy biplane, 1919.
The first Channel crosing by balloon, 7 January 1785.
Amy Johnson, British aviator, 12 May 1930.
'Transatlantic Balloons', 1901.
Amalthea, one of the moons of Jupiter, photographed by Voyager 1, 1979.
Amy Johnson as a girl, c 1916.
Maxim with machine gun, c 1880s.
Amalthea, one of the moons of Jupiter, 1979.
'Mrs Sage', first lady balloonist, c 1785.
Airmail envelope with a picture of American pilot Charles Lindbergh, 1928.
Short SC 1 VTOL aircraft XG900, 1957.
Cody aeroplane No1, May-June 1908.
First flight of the Zeppelin on the Bodensee, Germany, 2 July 1900.
Space Shuttle prior to mision STS-3, 1982.
Chalons-Vincennes Air Race, France, 9th June 1910.