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Imperial Airways travel poster, 1926.
Arthur C Clarke on his first flight, c 1927.
Jayne Fincher and her new toy elephant, 1 December 1959.
'First aviation meeting in England', Doncaster, 15-23 October 1909.
The Wright Brothers' first powered and sustained flight, 17th December 1903.
Fire escapes in use, c 1836.
'The Sound of Earth' record cover, 1977.
'Speed', LMS poster, 1924.
Wilbur (left) and Orville Wright, American aviation pioneers, c 1910.
John Stringfellow, English pioneer aviator, c 1855.
'Monte-Carlo Concours d'Aviation Fevrier et Mars', Monaco, early 1910s.
'England's First Aviation Races at Doncaster', GNR poster, 1909.
Two Kay shuttles, c 18th century.
Amy Johnson (1903-1941), British aviator, 3 April 1936.
Pigeon on rubbish bin, Venice, Italy, 2007.
Afghan hound that flies on British Airways, June 1987.
Supermarine S6 Seaplane 1932.
"The Wright brothers aeroplane taking flight, Liebig trade card, c 1910."
Amy Johnson and another woman sitting on a plane, 9 January 1930.
'The Car of Nadar's Balloon, 1863.'
The first balloon ascent with animals, 19 September 1783.
Cody aeroplane No1, 1908.
Small silver disc with glider design by Sir George Cayley, 1799.
Satire on steam-powered flight, Austria, 1846.
James Sadler, the first English aeronaut, 1812.
Ganymede, largest of the moons of Jupiter, 1979
Sir Hiram Maxim, American engineer and inventor, 1904.
The first cros-Channel pasenger flight, 17 August 1910.
Short SC 1 VTOL aircraft XG900, 1957.
'The Ascent of the aerial Balloon', 19 September 1783.
Imperial Airways pilot, Gordon P Olley, c 1929.
'The Great Air Race', sheet music, 1911.
'The Balloon Pasing over Coblenz', 8 November 1836.
Great Red Spot on Jupiter, 1979.
Bathing the baby, 15 August 1944.
'The Nasau Balloon Pasing Battersea Bridge', London, 1844-1852.