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"Proteus Bluebird, cutaway side elevation, 1964."


"Photomechanical reproduction is from an original illustration by Theo Page MSIA. Donald Malcolm Campbell (1921-1967) was an engineer by training and sought to emulate his father's (Sir Malcolm Campbell) achievements. On 17 July 1964, he claimed the world land speed record at Lake Eyre, Australia, driving this gas turbine-powered Proteus-Bluebird car. Averaging a speed of 403.1 mph (648.8 kph), he achieved the only such record to be set outside the United States in recent times. Bluebird cost £1 million to build and was powered by a 4250 bhp Bristol-Siddeley Proteus gas turbine engine. In 1967, Campbell was killed on Coniston Water in Cumbria attempting to become the first to reach 300 mph on water."

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