Rolex 'Oyster' wristwatch, 1960.

Rolex 'Oyster' wristwatch, 1960.

Richardson, Claire

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Duplicate, without movement, of a Rolex Oyster wristwatch which remained waterproof at a depth of seven miles. The original model was fixed to the outside of Profesor Auguste Piccard's bathyscaphe 'Trieste' which travelled to the greatest known depth on earth in the Marianas Trench, a depth of 35,789 feet. The watch worked perfectly, resisting presures of seven tons per square inch, and was completely unharmed. The Rolex Oyster watches, first introduced in 1926, were the first truly waterproof wristwatches, combining a very strong case with a hermetically sealed winding crown. Side view showing dome of watch glas.
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